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Learn about which colors to paint your garage doors with and which panels are best.

Why is my door opener working but the door is not moving?

Most probably, the door is disengaged. Experts from the garage door repair company in University park suggest checking if the red emergency release cable has not been pulled. Re-engage it according to manual instructions. You can also check any obstructions that cause the door not to move.

What is rolling code technology?

This is a type of encryption used in garage door opener remote. It selects new and non-repeating access codes from billions of possibilities each time the remote control is pressed. This is a form of security since access codes could not be picked up by intruders.

How do garage door cords help in safety?

The cord mostly present in red color is a safety feature that is built in the garage door. The cord hangs down near the door opener. Many are not aware that it is a safety feature. It loosens the door and helps in lifting the door manually in situation where it is required to do so. In case of power outages, this helps in opening the door without any hassles.

Which type of door is the best value?

Since a steel door is affordable and durable, it offers the best value for your money. It also requires less maintenance than the other types of doors offered today. They are also offered in a large variety of colors and styles.

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