Why The Door Goes off Track

Why The Door Goes off Track

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Your garage door may turn weak and unstable after many years of use. Some screws and bolts may loosen, which you won’t have any problem fixing yourself, but there are problems that need proper handling by expert garage door mechanics. And one of those problems is when your garage door goes off track or when the cables that hold or support the doors to lift up and down were not properly aligned. And although you would want to fix it yourself, you can’t because a garage door repair is not as simple as tightening a screw and a bolt.Why The Door Goes off Track

It is important that you do not try to move the off track garage door manually. Don’t attempt to open it using an automatic door opener and a do-it-yourself garage door repair. Forcing it to go on track might cause more damage than fixing it. In fact, an off track door is a bit tricky to repair if you don’t have the training and expertise to do so. Needless to say, it could even be dangerous, as many reports about garage door accidents that caused grave injuries and even death can testify.

But what could be the reasons why a garage door goes off track?

A broken cable rendered weak after many years of use is the foremost reason why it goes off track. This is understandable since wear and tear could make the cables rusty and weak, that it is doomed to break at some point.

Another reason is when it was hit by a strong force like a car or a big object that obstructs the path of the garage door. Although most homes have electric eyes installed in their garage that allow them to see the objects like bikes, trash cans or even cars, some garages don’t have them. So there are chances that bikes, heavy boxes, trash cans, or any bulky and heavy things would obstruct the path of your garage door and cause damage.

It is also possible that you would hit your garage door while backing your car. No matter how careful you are, there will be instances wherein you will hit the front or back of your garage door, which could make your door go off track.

So what should you do? As mentioned earlier, don’t try to fix it yourself since it could be dangerous. What you do, however, is to call the experts on garage door repair. Garage door repair men or technicians spent countless hours and years learning the trade. They basically know what cables to change or repair and what button to press. So even though you are a do-it-yourself person, you would rather want to leave the garage door repair to the hands of experts.

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